Morxes scooters

Our company produces first class quality scooters which are suitable for relaxing tourism as well as for high intensity training. We are constantly developing and testing new models of scooters. Quality, speed, comfort and especially a pleasant ride is of the utmost importance for our scooters.

Why a scooter

  • Healthy activity
  • To burn calories
  • Incorporating entire body into natural movement
  • Toning of the body and strengthening of muscles and the whole organism
  • Better blood circulation for legs and prevention against varicose veins



1. BECAUSE we are the only manufactures using material Chromium-Molybdenum.

2. BECAUSE our scooters have excellent geometry.

3. BECAUSE the MORXES use only premium components.

4. BECAUSE the MORXES wheels use only Japanese industrial bearings.

5. BECAUSE the MORXES wheels are really designed up to 120 kg dynamic load.

6. BECAUSE the MORXES only use Continental and Michelin tires.

7. BECAUSE we use the Avid V-brakes, which have luxuriously shaped brake levers.

8. BECAUSE we only use brushed stainless wires.

9. BECAUSE we use disc brakes Avid and Shimano.

10. BECAUSE we love scooters and produce them with love. More info >>



04. 05. 2016 - New fenders coming soon!

New fenders coming soon!

Short introduction of our new fenders for MORXES scooters. Coming soon!

22. 03. 2016 - Trade Fair FOR BIKES 2016

Trade Fair FOR BIKES 2016

The 2016 edition of the fair will take place on April 1.-3. 2016 at PVA EXPO Prague.

15. 02. 2016 - Scooter Giulia in MY2016

Scooter Giulia in MY2016

Attractive womens scooter for model year 2016 is in stock

03. 01. 2016 - Vendeta Disc MY 2016

Vendeta Disc MY 2016

Vendeta Disc for model year 2016 in all colours variants in stock

28. 12. 2015 - Production measures for scooter Strada

Production measures for scooter Strada

Strada scooters will be temporarily avaible on the tires Vredestein Dynamic City

04. 12. 2015 - Order of Morxes Strada

Order of Morxes Strada

We apologize for the late delivery scooters Morxes Strada. This situation is caused by the large number of orders.

23. 11. 2015 - Sale scooters of model year 2015

Sale scooters of model year 2015

We have sale of last few pieces scooters o model year 2015

05. 10. 2015 - Vendeta SL model year 2016

Vendeta SL model year 2016

Scooter without any compromises


Which scooter to choose?

Don't know which model you should choose? Let us help you with your choice. We will recommend you a model which will be tailored according to your requirements.  Contact us >>

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799 EUR Detail VENDETA 26/20 ADVENTURE Top


Scooter for mushing without compromise

709 EUR Detail CANE Top


Style scooter in retro look with wheels 26"/20"

629 EUR Detail HABANA Top
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